"The Last SEO & Paid Advertising Program You'll Ever Need Without a Monthly Pay Plan or Outdated Tactics!
Monthly New Strategies + 7 Coaches + Growing Community of 200 Marketers + Exclusive Access to Softwares & Services to Easily Scale Your Business. 
Never Purchase Multiple Courses Again. 
The Lab consists of "6" various marketing labs covering the most sought-after digital marketing skills online.
In addition, two more labs are coming in shortly. (our prices rise with each Lab we add*)
Affiliate Lab
Local SEO Lab
Maps Lab
Facebook Ads Lab
Ecommerce Lab
Outreach Lab
YouTube Lab
Flipping Websites Lab
Also Get Exclusive Access to Services & Softwares to scale your business.
You don't need to do all the work yourself. Study the systems and outsource the nitty gritty. Other programs leave you frustrated and struggling with tech and complicated strategies. (You'll end up drowning yourself at the bar on a Wednesday night).
Get Instant Access To The Following:
  • Rank Club: A link building service that has a waiting list over a year long.
  • Web 20 Ranker: Massive discounts on local link building, web design, and more. 
  • Ninja Outreach: Get a discount on very best white hat outreach link building software.
  • Facebook Ads: Plug into our recommended white label provider for easy Facebook as fulfillment. 
  • YouTube Rankings: Services that help you get ranked, video views, and traffic. 
  • Authority Builders: White Hat Done for Your Link Outreach
Watch Paul Describe His Decision To Purchase The Lab.
The Lab is based on real-life marketing case studies. See inside client campaigns, affiliate sites, ecom stores, & Facebook ads.
Most online marketers get sucked in by expensive leased cars and mansions.  Don't get me started on the fake screenshots and earnings reports.  

And, it turns out a lot of those so called gurus are just rehashing the same old information, over and over. 

Repackaging what the've learned, putingt a slight twist on it and handing it off to you. 

The one big problem with this? Well there are several but the biggest?

It’s all based on theory. On speculation. 

In other words, maybe what they teach kind of works.

For awhile. 

It maybe works for one of your sites, but not another. Why? 

Why are you able to use what they taught you to get one site skyrocketing up the SERPs and a virtually identical site just sits there on page 8? 

Theory. Speculation. 

So we noticed this pattern occurring over and over in our industry for years.

And so Matt Diggity, myself, and Mark Luckenbaugh met in secret in Vegas, crammed into this tiny little booth in the back of a jam packed restaurant, and as we chatted we realized something. 

We realized that no one in the industry was basing their wins on actual results based on real, repeatable tests. 

As we chatted further, we all had a common approach. 

The way that we had all become so successful was by deciding early on that theory and speculation was just NOT going to cut it. 

Not in this world where competition becomes more fierce everyday. 

We also realized that we knew a very small handful of big earners online who held the same values that we did. People who don't just teach. They do. They produce. 

So on that day, in that tiny little backroom booth-The Lab was born. 

Born out of absolute necessity to help you take our wins, plug them into your systems and way of doing things and get real results based on actual, reputable tests. 

We were simply sick to death of seeing hard working people like you get rehashed info that stalls online businesses fast. 

Introducing:  The Lab
SO what is The Lab? 

The Lab is access. 

It’s a private, exclusive mastermind and coaching experience designed to help you stop playing small, and work directly with known industry leaders who have each created 7 figure businesses-to help you scale your own growth fast. 

Does it have training content? Yes. 

You’ll get an entire blueprint on how to excel in local, maps, affiliate, ecommerce, white hat, black hat, Facebook… the list goes on. Everything we share with you comes from test results and real-world case studies.

Are these mini courses from each Lab Coach? 

Not at all. In fact there are over 400 videos the minute you log in. Each trainer has held absolutely nothing back, and as you'll see in a minute, each one of these modules could and easily should sell for $1997 or more on their own. 

But it’s so much more than that. 

The Lab is about learning the best, directly from the best.

Meet Your Coaches:  
Everything You Need To Know About Ranking Any Type Of Site, Getting Leads, Phone Calls And Sales-It's All Inside The Lab. 

Matt Diggity 

7 Figure Affiliate Master; Owner Of Diggity Marketing, Leadspring, The Search Initiative, And The Host of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference Among Other Brands.

Mark Luckenbaugh

Co-Founder, Local Client Takeover. 7 Figure Agency Owner. Start Up And Equity King. Owner Of Large SEO Brands Like Web 20 Ranker, Niche It Down and Digital Swarm. Co-Founder Of The LCT Live Conference. 

Brian Willie

Co-Founder, Local Client Takeover. Helps Scale Law Firms To Multiple 7 Figures; Worldwide Agency Consultant For Maps, Owner, Maps Liftoff. Co-Founder Of The LCT Live Conference. 

Dino Gomez

Owner, Dynamik 365; Local Lead Gen And Facebook Master For Fast Growth And Providing Instant Results For Clients, 6 Figure SEO Podcast. 

Brendan Tully

Ecommerce King; Owner of eComm Stores, Founder Of The Search Engine Shop, Lead Talking Head At The Business Marketing Show Podcast. Former SEO advisor for the Australian Government. 

Dave Schneider 

White Hat/Outreach Expert, Co-Owner Of Ninja Outreach. Harvard Graduate. 

Mark Samms

White Hat/Outreach Expert, Co-Owner Of Ninja Outreach. 
The Lab Core Content: Here's Exactly What You'll Get As An Exclusive Member Of The Lab


From the guy who operates a 35 person affiliate SEO team."

A complete blueprint on how Matt Diggity ranks affiliate websites, starting all the way at niche selection and ending up at conversion rate optimization.
You’ll see the exact standard operating procedure that he uses to compete in super high competition affiliate niches.
Most importantly, Matt gives you his “kitchen sink” - a playbook of tactics used to get any site unstuck.

There literally has never been another training out there that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to learn about becoming a highly paid affiliate. Some have tried. None have come close. Matt makes serious money as an affiliate and he reveals it ALL here. 

THE LOCAL LAB ($1997 Value)

"From the guy who built multiple 7 figure SEO companies."

Mark will show you how to  perform comprehensive audits and create action plans based on data to outrank your competitors in the local SERPs, using what could almost be considered a scientific process. 

He'll also show you exactly how to create effective and scalable SEO campaigns so you can deliver repeatable results whether it's for 1 or 1000 clients. 

You'll learn to power through the search engine faster than the speed of Google's alogrithmic changes. 

Of course, this includes live training, webbys, and no holds barred case studies showing real rankings and dissecting how we made that happen. 

THE MAPS LAB ($1997 Value)

"From the guy who teaches the nation's largest marketing agencies maps SEO."

Brian walks you through his comprehensive process of exactly how to rank even the toughest Google Maps listings. 

You'll learn his entire process from A-Z and come out a complete Maps ranking expert. Why is The Maps Lab separate from The Local Lab? 

They process to rank Maps is very different, very involved. You'll walk away with a complete understanding of exactly what makes Maps tick.

You'll learn how to Brian and his consulting clients are sometimes able to get a Maps listing ranking and producing phone calls in as little as 30 days, even if a site is stuck organically for another 6 months. 


"From the guy who generated a local gym $10,000 in a day."

Learn Dino's exact process to generate sales, leads, and phone calls instantly while your SEO campaign builds. Facebook ads done right-are a perfect entry product to client SEO and keeps your clients super happy while SEO takes time to kick in. 

Dino covers how to generate clicks for pennies, how to easily setup Facebook ad campaigns, & how to convert those clicks into paying customers who are excited to work with you and only you. 

See real life examples of campaigns, learn secret targeting hacks, copy techniques, landing page design, retargeting ads, and several ways to acquire new Facebook ad clients. 

THE ECOMMERCE LAB ($1997 Value) 

"From the guy who takes ecom stores past 7 figures consecutively."

Ecommerce and online retail is a completely different game than affiliate, local and small business SEO. 

There are so many more keywords to manage and rank for, significantly more moving parts that contribute to success and rankings are worthless unless they convert to sales. 

Brendan teaches you exactly how to focus on both traffic and conversion. Fact: There are thousands of store owners with significant budget just waiting for someone like you to come along and help them tap into their true revenue potential. 

Learn to how to gain traction quickly, show meaningful results to store owners, and help them grow to 5, 6 or even 7 figure powerhouses. 

Get the step-by-step eCommerce marketing and optimization blueprint to learn exactly what it takes to grow stores quickly. 


"From the guys who own one of the largest outreach tools in the industry."

Dave & Mark have drawn upon a combined 20+ years of marketing experience to craft a one of a kind SEO training covering all things white hat and outreach related. 

They dive in to topics such as how to structure and manage your outreach campaigns, how to prospect for new targets, and which tools will provide you the best bang for your buck in accomplishing both.

Learn how to easily launch campaigns to land coveted guest posts, product reviews, ultra high authority, squeaky clean links and more-all at scale!

This is literally the blueprint for how to compete with the mega authority sites in any niche and be able to lock down super high paying corporate clients. 

Support Based Bonuses Including Weekly Calls, Cheat Sheets, Downloads, Tools, Softwares, and More.

  • Weekly LIVE Ask Me Anything Webinars. A different Lab coach each week will answer any question you have, so you aren't stuck waiting around for answers. That’s 52 webinars in a year, answering all of your questions! ($4997 Value)

  • Members Only Access To The Lab Private Facebook Group. Come interact with your coaches, each other and get ready to learn! Sometimes the best questions are ones you may never have thought to ask, but someone does-and it sparks brand new, money making ideas. ($2997 Value)
  • The Lab "Week In SEO" Roundup. Get at an a glance overview of major changes that happened in the SEO world EVERY week. ($497 Value)

  • Instant Access To Rank Club. If you know anything about Rank Club, there is a waiting list, sometimes months long to get in. It's not uncommon to add just a few links pointing to your site and rank #1. The Lab members bypass the line entirely. (PRICELESS).

  • CRO for SEOs. A whole module on Conversion Rate Optimization, including How to hook the visitor so that they simply won’t leave your page; How to write compelling content that makes people “ready to buy;" How to select the perfect Call-to-Action for your site.  ($1297 Value)

  • How to Steal Your Competitors Featured Snippets. Stand out in the SERPs and watch your click through rate skyrocket with this. ($497 Value)

  • Keyword Grabbing.  Make sure your site is ranking for everything it should rank for. ($497 Value)

  • The Kitchen Sink.  6 tested tactics that get your sites unstuck fast! ($997 Value)

  • Tactical Outreach and PBN Combos. Learn how to combine PBNs with white hat SEO for insane results. ($497 Value)

  • Access To The Following New Modules Coming Soon. 6-figure Website Flipping; Page 1 Niche Domination; Creative Monetization; Much More! ($997 Value)

  • SEO Client Acquisition Funnel The secret to scaling & generating leads in mass on autopilot. Just plug in your content & niche & fire away. ($497 value)

  • Local Business Retargeting Discount Funnel. The 5 step retargeting funnel that your competitors aren't using that uses Dino's secret 2 offer approach. Works in any niche! ($497 value)

  • Viral FB Ads Module.  How to Make Your Ads Have the Viral Effect. Perfect for complimenting content marketing efforts while driving traffic, leads, & social authority. ($497 value)

  • 10+ FB AD Cheat Guides.   10 Step by step guides to easily implement the video training without rewatching the videos. Perfect for VA's & team members to scale Facebook advertising. ($997 value) 

  • Up-sell Email Template. The exact email template to use to instantly and easily up-sell your current SEO clients. You say this and they sign a check. ($497 Value)

  • 5 Done for You Funnels.  Download the 5 funnels from the 5 funnel system and plug in your content and launch your campaign in minutes not hours. ($497 Value)

  • Bot Messenger Case Study. How I used Facebook Ads with bot messenger to generate leads the same day ($297 Value)

  • Instagram Ad Secrets Revealed. The 3 secrets of Instagram ads that will get you sales and leads for dirt cheap. ($397 Value)

  •  The Beginner's Lab. ​Just starting out? Brand new to SEO? This is for you! Allen Levings walks you through exactly what you need to know if you are just getting your feet wet. ($497 Value)

  •  Local Profit Breakthrough. This is Mark and Brian's flagship product from Local Client Takeover. It has an absolute ton of client acquisition, marketing and sales tactics and exactly how to scale an agency to 7 figures. It sells everyday at $497 and is included here as our bonus to you when you join The Lab. ($497 Value)

  • Instant Access To The Web 20 Ranker Partner Program. This is normally reserved for their biggest agency partners who spend $5,000 or more, but outside of that only members of The Lab are in. What does this get you? Immediate access to all partner products including guest posts, white label services and more at super discounted wholesale pricing plus massive savings on their other partner service sites, sales trainings, free Q&A webbys, and epic giveaways.  (Priceless)

More Than 20 Bonuses Valued At $20,937!
*****No these numbers aren't made up. That would have been much easier but... it took a lot of convincing to get several of the coaches onboard as a collective unit rather than to sell their material individually. So we calculated the total value based on how much each coach would retail their program. 
Ever Taken a Course Where You Get No Support or Questions Answered?  
Yeah, that's not us. We take pride in our work. Wear matching shirts and hats and dorky things. Drink from staws. Wear worn down shoes...
Go ahead and view the screenshots below from our private Facebook Group. You'll see we do member satisfaction surveys. #obsessedwithcustomerservice 
But...Is The LAB a good fit for me?
The Lab is not for everyone. I'd feel a pit in my stomach and my grandmother would roll in her grave if I lied and said it was. So, for my grandmother's sake.... if you're looking for a get rich scheme then look elsewhere. Maybe bitcoin or a lucky hand of poker. 

But if you're tired of course hopping,  want to day drink from tech overwhelm, your business needs support, and you want marketing tactics taught by guys who own real businesses; then you're in the right spot. And if you like memes. We use a lot of memes here. Or well, inside the private member's area.
Total Value: $32,919.00
Join The Lab Today!
(Go ahead ask them how The Lab is... but be warned they may lie to you and keep the access for themselves. )
Ever Heard of This Guy, Charles Floate?  
He's kinda a big deal and wrote a review about us. If you read it be sure to read his other reviews of programs. He almost always tears them a new a**hole. Thank you, Charles, for allowing us to sit down at the end of the day.
WARNING: No False Scarcity Ahead: In fact we've already increased the price $500. 
Can we give you a $500 discount? Absolutely.... not! It's not because we're evil. We made a statement and want to reward our early members. (That weird integrity thing) But, jump in now and you can poke fun of the future members who spend more than you to join. Or not. Your choice. 
Because The Lab is not some course that we enroll you in and leave you to figure all of this out on your own...

...and because The Lab has a HUGE element of a true high level mastermind and coaching experience with the devoted attention of your coaches to guide you through it all...

...We simply cannot, will not oversell this. 

So we literally may shut this down entirely with little to no notice. 

If you are ready to change the game and finally get real test-based-results, then it's decision time. 

It's time to decide if you want to risk getting locked out of this one of a kind experience that can help you skyrocket your business-fast.  The price will never be this low again. Ever. 

So this is your chance to get in early with what Lab members are already saying is the last online training you'll ever need. 

To your massive success!
Brian Willie, The Lab

P.S. If you are on the fence, and you just aren't sure, then this is probably not for you. This is for action takers. Listen, you have to take massive imperfect action to succeed. Without it, you just end up stuck. 

I just want to make sure that you don't end up as what I call a "dabbler." That's someone who moves from course to course, and either never dives into the material or gets distracted part of the way through, and then you're onto the next thing. 

That's almost worse than doing nothing. It ensures that you'll be exactly where you are now a year from now and year from then. 

Can you really say that that's what you want, what you set out to do online? 

If you are ready to stop dabbling and work with a group of mentors who have proved themselves over and over in the online community, and are 100% dedicated to your success-then we can't wait to have you inside The Lab!

P.P.S. Remember, The Lab is not a course. It has a huge core training component (400+ videos and counting) and well...more bonuses than I've ever seen. 

But it's so much more. It's access to each an every one of us to make sure that you don't get stuck. If you start to get stuck-we here right by your side to guide you through what to do.

Because of this, we can only accept a limited number of people inside The Lab and I don't have to tell you that because of the massive buzz that's built up for months-the spots will go super fast. 

So definitely make a decision so you don't find this page taken down.

Discover What THE LAB is really about.


Is There A Refund Or Guarantee?

No.  Since The Lab is NOT a course, but rather an exclusive, immersive, high end mastermind and coaching experience, and involves a large time commitment from our coaches-we cannot offer refunds. Please purchase based on knowing that you'll be working directly with the best in the business and based on their rock solid reputations. 

Q When I Join The Lab-How Long Does My Membership Last?

A This gets you access to The Lab 20189, all its content, and all its upcoming webinars. In 2020, an optional renewal fee may be charged (not auto billed in any way)for that year to continue on to renew your access to new content only, but the current content will always remain yours. Access to the private Facebook group is also always yours.

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